Blockchain.com’s most popular services are its wallet and its cryptocurrency exchange. The company is famous for the highest bitcoin trade volume in 2012-2020, at about 28% of all Bitcoin transactions. Blockchain provides lending services, data, charts, and analytics to institutional markets.

Blockchain.com services include a cryptocurrency wallet, an exchange, and a block explorer.


Blockchain.com offers a wallet that you can access online to store your cryptocurrency. The wallet can be used with different cryptocurrencies and stablecoins and includes a non-custodial wallet controlled by the user without any access to information from Blockchain.com. Users access their wallets with a private key or individual recovery phrase known only to them.

A cryptocurrency exchange is a service that helps easily convert your currency into money or vice versa to become more attuned with the latest digital currency trends.

Institutional markets business:

Blockchain.com provides more than just services for individuals; it also offers institutional investors cryptocurrency-based financial services, like lending, borrowing, and trading asset custody. These services allow traders to anonymously trade cryptocurrencies without the knowledge of other traders affecting the price of an individual product.


The company provides a blockchain explorer that allows transactions to be viewed and analyzed. The service can also track exchanges of cryptocurrency as well as list any fees incurred.